Welcome to the website of Kanteleen Vanhameijeri Oy – The Kantele Old Dairy. We provide communications and graphic design services. We do not sell cheese.

Whether you are putting up a small stand at a fair, opening a factory or throwing a staff party for 600 people, the event must be produced. The bigger the happening, the more important the producer. I have produced events only for our regular customers. With big events there are many things to consider: catering, crowd flow, safety, permits, lighting, sound, performers, speeches. Nothing happens by itself.


One of the most fun occasions I have produced was the Innovation Days event for the researchers of Borealis in Wanha Satama in Helsinki in 2008. The programme included the premiere of an orchestral piece composed for the event. A video presentation assembled to accompany the music was projected to a wall-size screen, in front of which the Band of the Parola Armoured Brigade played live. Conductor Raine Ampuja saw to it that the band and the video finished at about the same time. Unfortunately, no recording was made. This is usual and probably more fun for the participants.


The most modest events I have produced consist of a couple of rollups that I put up in the stand of a customer. Someone must do these things, too.


Some examples of the partners with whom I have organised events: Planex, PixMill, Imagemaker, Mediastore, Broadway and Hokkuspokkus



Click this image to download a sample PDF game I made for the reinforced plastics JEC exhibition in Paris. The idea is to recognize products as quickly as possible and click the right logo.


To play the game you deed to download it and open it with Adobe Reader. Customer: Ashland.