Welcome to the website of Kanteleen Vanhameijeri Oy – The Kantele Old Dairy. We provide communications and graphic design services. We do not sell cheese.

Our studio in Givardon, central France


Our second office is in Givardon, right in the middle of France. There is another house next to our office which is available for rent.


Givardon is a small village in the departement of Cher, with the biggest concentration of chateaux in France. The landscape has not changed much since the Middle Ages. Nearest cities are Bourges, the capital of Cher, and Nevers in the region of Bourgogne, both about 40 kilometres away. The distance to Clermont-Ferrand, the volcanic area of France, is about 100 kilometres, the distance to Beaune, Chablis and Macon, the finest wine-growing regions in Bourgogne, is about 150 kilometres. Paris is 300 kilometres to the north. Other interesting sites nearby include the numerous medieval chateaux, country markets, the Celtic city of Bibracte, and the oak forest in Tronçais.


There are 10 beds in the house you can rent. There are five bedrooms, two bathrooms, two toilets, a living room, a kitchen and a large garden with a small sauna. In the kitchen there are three fridges, gas stove, electrical oven, microwave oven and dishwasher. There are half a dozen bicycles you can borrow, a washing machine and wifi. The house is located in a small village in the middle of countryside teeming with Charolais cattle. A car is a must.


You can reach Givardon by flying to Paris. The train trip from Paris takes two hours. By car the trip from Paris takes at least three hours.