Welcome to the website of Kanteleen Vanhameijeri Oy – The Kantele Old Dairy. We provide communications and graphic design services. We do not sell cheese.

Finally, a couple of illustrations. As a graphic designer I always adapt my style to the needs and wishes of the customer. I have illustrated the operational principles of processes and worked as an illustrator for The Reader's Digest, which was quite some time ago. Nowadays I draw illustrations almost exclusively in connection with other assignments. The oldest of these illustrations were made for Ashland Gelcoat Handling Guide more than twenty years ago. There were versions in 22 languages and the illustrations were also used in packaging material, posters and presentations. My latest illustrations are the wind instrument vignettes for the Nordic Wind Band Conference in 2014.


By the way, the cow galloping on the top of these pages is not my creation. It was designed by Dutch graphic artist Lidewij Spitshuis who was working as an apprentice with us in 2003. Click here to see Lidewij's home page.