Welcome to the website of Kanteleen Vanhameijeri Oy – The Kantele Old Dairy. We provide communications and graphic design services. We do not sell cheese.

What we do and what it costs?


  • Kanteleen Vanhameijeri Oy

    We are a small family-run company. We offer our customers communications and media design services, advertisements, graphic design, tools for marketing communication, event organisation and photographing. In 2014 about 40% of our turnover came from other countries than Finland.


    Kanteleen vanhameijeri was founded in 1989. It is owned by Eeva, Lasse, Jenni and Aleksanteri Sumiloff. The company is based in the village of Kantele, Eastern Uusimaa. Our second office is located in the village of Givardon in Central France.


    Our company tax code is FI08574623

  • Customers

    Our customer relationships are typically very long-standing. With some of our customers we have been working for decades. This is perfect for us and equally beneficial to the customers. Knowing each other well is an advantage to both parties. There is no need to learn everything from the beginning with each new project.


    Our typical customer is a large company operating internationally. Some of our customers need our help in branding their products on a global market, others want to concentrate on local communications or media. Sometimes we do large campaigns, sometimes a small presentation or a set of illustrations. Our photographers have toured Europe photographing the facilities of our customers. After a factory tour we might photograph a wedding or a confirmation ceremony on our home turf, Eastern Uusimaa.

  • Our Approach


    Growth is not our goal. We want to be small family-run business, know what we do and know our customers, too. We want to respect health, safety and the environment in everything we do.

  • Prices

    Our hourly rate is 110 euros (VAT not included). We give a quotation or make a tender for almost every job we do.


    Price for photographing is more or less the same but you should check our detailed price list in the photography section.