Welcome to the website of Kanteleen Vanhameijeri Oy – The Kantele Old Dairy. We provide communications and graphic design services. We do not sell cheese.

Click here to browse the customer magazine of Dynea.

Click here to browse an article I wrote about Stena Arctica in Neste Shipping Bulletin Personnel Magazine in Finnish.

Here you can see some brochures, customer magazines and employee newsletters. Over the years I have designed thousands of brochures, posters and ads, so this is just a small sample.


I wrote many of the articles for the employee newsletter of Neste Shipping (or Fortum Shipping, for a while). I enjoyed it a lot. Seamen are both great personalities and gentlemen.


In many projects I write the texts in co-operation with the customer. I suggest something, then we hash it out together until it's finished. Finally my trusted translator Markku Päkkilä brings it back to earth. Nowadays most publications are written in English or in some other language than Finnish.


I appreciate this type of constructive co-operation which gives everyone the chance to say his or her opinion and the final result is achieved in a sort of flow. I find it odd to think that I should possess some kind of great wisdom and sharing it with my customers would produce good results. I'm convinced that the outcome is better when we work together.


When working on printed stuff, the partners vary depending on the machinery, skills and capacity required by the project. And the price, of course. In Finland I mostly use these printing houses: Painotalo Seiska, Markprint and Esaprint.